About Molly Cox humor, stress, healthcare and customer service speaker

Rarely do you find a combination of original material, solid content, and hysterical delivery. Molly delivers.

As the former director of sales and marketing for two hotels, the general manager of an upscale athletic club and the co-founder of an improv and sketch comedy company, Molly understands business and people.

Her perspective and experience on what it takes to inspire people to outstanding results in a range of businesses. Molly specializes in humor and stress management in healthcare, and has done keynote presentations, and workshops for hundreds of healthcare organizations from hospitals to assisted living and healthcare providers. 

Molly blends her business, education and improvisation background to connect body, mind and spirit to show people how to become more effective professionally and personally and to help people to live a more joyful life. As the caregiver to her mother, who had cancer, and the primary caregiver to her father, who suffered from Alzheimer's disease, she lives her message of the importance of incorportatig humor, positive energy and self care in stress management.

Molly Cox helps people to engage in their jobs, increase energy, boost customer service, and use humor to help with stress management. She is a humorous, inspirational speaker and breakout speaker who brings energy to every presentation. 

"Thank you! You immediately connected with the audience. Your energy, enthusiasm and humor were the perfect mix for this event. Great humor and stress management skills.  The women loved it!"
Bryan LDH Medical Center

Author of Improvise This! How to Think on Your Feet so You Don't Fall on Your Face, twice on the CEO Read top 25 list, Molly has a degree in education, a certificate in curriculum development and expertise in communication, group dynamics, leadership and the power of humor in everyday life.   She has worked in corporations, colleges, hospitals, healthcare, assisted living,  associations and has often been interviewed on radio and TV.

She is a member of the National Speakers Association and is the former editorial chair of Speaker magazine, the official magazine of the National Speakers Association. She won the funniest acceptance speech ever for the Satellite Sisters syndicated radio show, and write the humor column for the NSA MSA monthly newletter for 3 years. Molly was the co-writer for the PBS Mr. Rogers Lifetime Achievement Awards.

"Your stories and life experiences immediately connected you to the audience. We heard nothing but good things about your keynote. On target message for self care for caregivers, and how we can use humor to help manage stress. Thank you!
Minnesota Caregivers Association

Thinking of hiring Molly as your emcee?

"Thanks once again for a great event! As emcee for our awards banquet, you struck the perfect note, bringing fun and humor to what could have been a typical, run-of-the-mill ceremony. What a great monologue. Our audience especially loved the way you personalized it to Texas and our industry (cable), even sprinkling in some funny remarks about the presenters and award winners. We continue to get fabulous feedback about the show! When we contacted you about our event, we didn't expect to get such a great menu of options to choose from—music, video, comedy…

As program chair, you made my job much easier with your advance planning and flexibility. It was a pleasure working with you and your team!"
Chair, Texas Women in Cable TV- Lone Star Awards Banquet

"Thank you, thank you! You were so funny! What a great comedic film you produced, everyone loved it. Thanks for keeping the conference moving."
Chair, National Speakers Association (NSA) Winter Conference

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