Looking for more
than a sugar high?

Molly will energize and inspire!

Her background is as varied as her audiences: author, speaker, trainer, director of sales and marketing for two hotels, general manager of an upscale athletic club, and co-owner of a sketch comedy and improvisation group.

She'll customize her presentations so the message is directly related to your company or association and the issues you're facing. Audiences tell her again and again how much they laughed, and felt connected! They'll leave energized, inspired and ready to put their new knowledge into action! 

"Molly delivers a heartfelt and relevant message wrapped in a package of laughter."
David McNally, Author of "Even Eagles Need a Push"

Women's Programs


Laugh out loud and lean in to the joys and hurdles of being female. Molly will share spit-coffee funny stories, words of wisdom, and strategies for overcoming stress and looking at life a little differently — through the lens of humor. 

She’ll inspire audience members to become strong advocates for self-care, personal empowerment and their own happiness. Her in-the-moment observational audience humor, and ability to immediately connect has earned her accolades and repeat clients. Her message is positive and actionable. 

Her creativity doesn’t stop at the stage. She's created a popular line of funny greeting cards, note pads, coffee cups and t-shirts — available for the entire audience!  (And sometimes worked into her fee; ask about it. It’s a solid hit at every event— because seriously, what woman doesn’t like gifts?) Oh, and she’s happy to send out samples for your meeting planner team!

Perfect for:  Health Care, women’s events & organizations, spouse programs.

Breakout Session

Women are particularly susceptible to stress. We tend to prioritize taking care of others while our own needs fall to the wayside. As a result many women suffer from long-term physical and emotional conditions such as anxiety, depression and heart disease. Luckily there is a remedy for stress... lighten up and laugh! I know, I know- it's simple. Not easy. 

Molly explores how to become more aware of stress patterns with lighthearted fun and humor. She uses true antidotes and audience interaction to energize the audience and create space for true reflection and change. Molly helps women to become strong advocates for their emotional and physical needs. They'll leave energized and equipped with tools to tackle their own stress and self-care habits at work and at home. Customization to your group and handouts available.

Call Molly to create a unifying, empowering and memorable experience for your women's group! 

Signature Keynote

Note to Self: Discover Joy! (based on the film: Note to Self)

Caregivers and healthcare workers can often find themselves overwhelmed and frustrated which can result in poor health and even depression. But what if…there were another way? Note to Self is about engaging people in their own self care and creating a positive and healthy work and home life. Molly provides tools and resources for people to find joy and better health which results in higher productivity and happiness. She is a speaker who will teach you that laughter really is the best medicine and that caring for yourself is the best gift you can give yourself and others. Her programs are always fun, funny, meaningful and memorable.

You've Got to Be Kidding—the secret to survival in a hectic, stressful world.

The spirit in which we do anything determines the outcome—positive or negative. Molly blends her care giving, customer service and corporate experience into a dynamic presentation that will inspire connection, and a positive attitude. This program is filled with ideas and techniques that will bring out a positive outlook of every attendee and motivate them to do their best. Molly will entertain with stories, teach with examples, and pepper it throughout with her unique observational humor. Participants will understand how attitude, taking time to be in the moment and inner action, can melt stress and replace it with joy and accomplishment.

Lighten Up and Laugh!

We now know through scientific study— that laughter reduces stress, improves relationships and adds years to our lives.  This interactive and humor packed presentation will help participants to understand the importance of humor and how it can actually improve productivity. A mixture of research, stories and specific ways to incorporate laughter and joy into each day, make this program a consistent conference highlight.

Perfect for:  General Session Keynote. Business, Healthcare, Associations. 

Improvise This!

This may possibly be the most fun, interactive and interesting program in the meetings industry. Based on her book, "Improvise This! How to Think on Your Feet so You Don't Fall on Your Face," (twice on the CEO READ top 25 list) Molly engages her audience with razor-sharp observations, spot-on humor and improvisation exercises all sprinkled with stories and how-to ideas! Attendees will leave with a dramatic improvement in energy, out-look, enthusiasm and creativity!
From as few as 15 to a room to as many as 2,500, Molly will tailor this program to fit the group's venue and goals. General Session Keynote. Sales. Service. Teambuilding.

Molly & Friends Present:

Meeting Openers...Closers...and Everything in Between

Woman on the Street/Short Comedic Film

Molly will head to the street, your organization and anywhere else she needs to in order to capture hilarious commentary on your industry.  She will mix it with customized written material and a comedic actor or two to produce a five to seven minute film that will bring the house down. Just ask LifeTouch, The Assistant Country Club Managers, Bremer Bank, Senior Community Services, or The National Speakers Association. 

Customized Sketch Comedy and Improvisation

Need to get a point across? The audience connected? A new product launched? Molly enhanced her speaking career by taking improv and sketch comedy classes, she then founded a company and wrote a book to help others apply the principles of improvisation to their work and personal life. Let Molly and her creative team write and perform at your meeting. From the script to music to performers, she's got it covered.

Improvisation Classes and Break Out Sessions

Unlike most corporate learning, improvisation is fun, engaging and relevant to everyone. The principles of improvisation can be applied to business and personal life to enhance creativity, flexibility, sense of play and quick thinking.

Molly Cox